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meet coach john


John is the owner and founder of Lean Physique LLC personal training studio as well as Team Lean Physique bodybuilding competition team. 

John started his coaching journey in 1991 and was the third person to open a personal training studio in Connecticut in 1998. In 2005 he purchased some commercial property and moved Lean Physique into a larger facility and is still in operation at that facility today.

John's education background was in sports medicine including 1200 clinical hours working in athletic training settings in various colleges /universities and physical therapy clinics.He also holds numerous fitness / nutrition certifications in addition to his years of experience.


In the late 90’s / early 2000’s John developed and taught fitness curriculum for the AAAI / ISMA as well as traveling the country teaching at their conferences certifying personal trainers. Also during that time frame and into the mid 2000’s he was the fitness correspondent for the NBC station in Connecticut, recording numerous stories at his training studio with one of the health reporters/doctors. John has also been published in fitness magazines and in various stories. John also led and instructed a health and fitness course for University of Phoenix professors / staff.


John has worked with a vast and diverse clientele over the years: from professional athletes in such leagues as the WNBA, MLB, Team USA Luge, and even Grand Prix motorcycle racing. He has helped people of all ages, from teens to elders in their 80’s, helping them lose weight and improve their health.


Since 2014 Team Lean Physique has won over 150 natural pro cards in bodybuilding competitions across two countries, 5 federations and in every division.


John has been involved in competitive bodybuilding since 1991 as: a competitor, coach ,judge, and head judge for multiple federations.


John’s passion for fitness has allowed him to spend his life truly doing something he loves. He finds it meaningful to be helping people and passing his knowledge on to others in the field. One of the distinguishing attributes of Team Lean Physique is the degree to which members actively support one another; both competitively as well as personally. John has also mentored a large number of personal trainers and bodybuilding coaches over the years.

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