No Crowds, No Intimidation – Just Results!

All programs are administered on an appointment only basis in our private personal training facility located in South Windsor, CT. Rates vary according to your needs, so please call for a complimentary consultation so we can find a plan that best suits you as an individual. Be sure to check our specials page!

Personal Fitness Plans:

Our fitness plans are customized for you.
The personal training programs at our facility include body fat assessment and nutritional counseling. Personal fitness plans can be designed for any person at any age or level.

Work with doctor recommended* weight loss programs.
Our weight loss programs include personal training sessions in our private studio, weekly body fat and weight assessments, and more in-depth nutritional counseling. * Many area physicians send their patients to Lean Physique when they need to lose weight.

Competitive Sports and Bodybuilding Training

Train like a professional for bodybuilding and sports.
We offer complete training and nutrition plans for bodybuilding as well as any sport. Posing routine choreography and pre-judging posing preparation are also services that we offer.  Come and see why pros such as former WNBA basketball star Kara Wolters, train with Lean Physique!

We can bring our expertise outside the facility.
Our owner, John, is available for on-site speaking engagements and presentations. A small fee may be charged for such arrangements with the exception of nonprofit organizations. Please call for more details.

Lean Physique’s 4-Step Process to Achieve Your Goals:

  • Nutrition – Rather than providing “cookie cutter” plans that are the same for everyone, we offer customized nutrition plans designed specifically for each person so they can reach their goals.
  • Weight Training - We design weight training programs to build lean body mass and accelerate your metabolism to give your body a whole new shape! This is perfect for beginners and people seeking to “freshen up” their look.
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning – Coordinated conditioning will help you burn fat and improve your cardiovascular system, keeping your heart, lungs and circulatory system strong and efficient.
  • One-on-one Attention – We cater to your needs to make every visit to Lean Physique safe, effective and fun!  At Lean Physique, we keep all the focus on you!

We treat our clients as individuals, not groups.

Why put up with overcrowded “gyms” where you are just another number lost in the crowd?  At Lean Physique, we treat all of our clients as important individuals. Customer service is a top priority at our establishment, and we will do our best to see to it that every visit to our studio is safe, fun and effective.

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