Senior Fitness Plans

Seniors can rest assured that we will work with their needs.

We don’t want anyone to feel intimidated when starting a workout plan. Gradual steps can be made if necessary to accommodate the specific needs of adults seeking a senior fitness plan.

senior plan Senior Fitness Plans

Specialized programs for rehabilitating seniors.

No matter what type of injury, pain, or illness you are recovering from, we can customize a senior fitness plan for you.

We focus on strength, balance and endurance training.

All areas of our senior fitness plans are designed specifically for older adults and individuals with special health needs, or those who simply want to become healthy and fit.
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senior training Senior Fitness Plans

“Lean Physique sets up a program with your doctor that allows you to participate in safe, monitored exercises”

Take the first step to a healthier life.

Set up an appointment today to discuss your needs and goals.
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