Connecticut Nutritional Counseling

It all Starts With Nutrition

Proper nutrition is a key factor that tends to be overlooked when starting an exercise program.  Eating fewer calories than you burn is essential if your goal is weight loss, and our nutritional counselors can help design a method for you to keep track of your calorie count.

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Fads Come and Go

Fad diets may allow an individual to lose weight initially, but less than 5% of these individuals are able to keep the weight off long-term. Our nutritional counselors can educate you on the ups and downs of fad diets or other nutritional topics, and help you to follow a successful nutrition plan.

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Never Sacrifice Taste

Our nutritional counseling plan can teach you how to make the right choices at home or in your favorite restaurants. Our customized nutrition plans are designed specifically for you to meet your goals.

“Lean Physique also helps you maintain a healthy diet that gets reviewed every week.”

Start working towards proper nutrition.

To start on your path towards proper nutrition, contact us and set up a session or speak with a nutritional counselor for more information.

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