How exactly does a facility like Lean Physique differ from a “gym”?

Lean Physique is a “private” facility meaning that an appointment is required for you to workout. A personal trainer guides you through every workout to assure safety as well as results. We may even make it fun for you along the way! Our facility is very friendly and our clientele come from all walks of life. There are no memberships or contracts, simply buy the amount of sessions you wish to use and use them however you like.

What are healthy body fat levels for men and women?

Healthy body fat levels include 16-18% for adult men and 20-22% for adult women.

Is it possible for someone to “spot reduce”?

Spot reduction is a myth that has been around for many years. Unfortunately, fat loss is hormonally controlled. Therefore, the amount of exercise done for a particular area will have no impact on fat loss in that area. For example, if you have “love handles”, doing abdominal exercises such as side bends, side crunches, or twists, will not have any effect on reducing the body fat in those areas, however, it will develop the musculature of that area.

I only eat one meal per day, how come i cannot lose any weight?

This is a question we hear many times over. The answer is that when you deprive your body of calories it prepares for “starvation” by storing most of the food you eat as body fat.

Can I workout with a friend?

Yes you can! Lean physique offers programs for 1-5 individuals per trainer. Call for more details.

Do other studios compare to Lean Physique?

No, at least that is what many clients have told us who have visited other places. We believe that being FIRST in the area has given us an advantage over other studios in knowing what clients want from their studio sessions as well as our “affordability factor”. We also offer the most modern and clean studio in the area, check it out for yourself and you will see the difference.