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Build muscle and strength through intense and efficient body building training. Get serious results with our bodybuilding program and gain the muscle mass you want.

“Within less than a year I had gained 20 lbs of muscle and my body fat went from 25% to 11.2%. I have never felt and looked more amazing, I couldn’t believe it.”

Come and see why professionals train with Lean Physique!

Former WNBA basketball superstar, Kara Wolters, trusted Lean Physique to get the results she needed to perform at a maximum level. Are you bodybuilding training for a competition or performance? Take the first steps to a competitive edge and inquire about how you can get started today!

Professional bodybuilders don’t train alone.

We offer complete bodybuilding training and nutrition plans for both professional and amateur bodybuilders including posing routine choreography and pre-judging posing preparation. We are the personal training facility for champions.We currently have athletes competing at the Professional level in the IFPA, WNBF,DFAC and ANBF natural orginizations. We have athletes competing at the amatuer level in the OCB, INBF, NGA, WBFF and NPC. We also offer posing coaching for any orginization.
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Lean Physique Client,
Phong Dang

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We’ll come to you.

Our Owner John Yobst is available for on-site speaking engagements and presentations. A small fee may be charged for such arrangements with the exception of nonprofit organization. Get started and set up your appointment today.

“Lean Physique understands that personal training is a lifestyle with goals and dreams that need to be supplemented with direction and encouragement.”

Nutrition is a key factor in
bodybuilding training.

As a bodybuilding champion himself, the owner of Lean Physique is highly knowledgeable in all areas of bodybuilding and the nutritional components necessary for success.  To learn about the importance of nutrition and bodybuilding from a professional, visit our nutrition page.

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Lean Physique Client,
Jerry Marsela