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17 February 2011 | Testimonials | | No Comments

I was first referred to John in June 2009. I called & scheduled my consultation as quickly as I could & June 7, 2009 couldn’t come quick enough. My very first month w/John (JY), I lost 5% BF! I was ecstatic! I had toyed w/the idea of being a figure competitor. With the amazing results I was seeing, I was on my way or so I thought…  In August, I celebrated my birthday for THREE days! I gained almost everything back. So disappointed in myself! Dumbest move I ever made was to quit going to JY. I’d started a new job, working long, crazy hours, winter came, colds set in – all excuses. By February I was so out of shape & a lot heavier. My bright idea was that I had to get back to JY – but first, I had to get back into shape! Ridiculous, yes, I know. I was too embarrassed to have him see me in that condition. Time was flying by & I wasn’t doing much of anything. Fast forward to June 21, 2010. A fire destroyed our home. My oldest daughter & I barely made it out. Even thou I hadn’t seen JY in almost a year, he reached out to me concerned for me & my 2 daughters. Depression, drinking, and eating anything & everything went on for 2 months. Finally in August, almost a year to the day, I called JY saying I can’t live like this. My first appointment, sitting in his office we spent the majority talking. He doesn’t even realize what he has helped pull me through. I was at rock bottom & felt I was a broken spirit. That was 8/17 and I was 37% BF! Today, Feb 1, I’m 47 days away from my very first figure competition! My last assessment was at 18% and still losing! I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the confidence that he has for me! His professionalism & knowledge combined with the personal touch that he has for his clients, makes me work harder! Not just for me but for him. I NEED to make him proud as my trainer. The amount of respect that I have for him is unmeasurable. I’m over an hour away but it’s well worth the drive. I don’t even question it! Look for me on stage! icon wink Amazing Results

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